2023 Pre-Fair Judging Information:

Scheduling & Format: Pre-fair judging will still be held July 17-21 (Mon - Foods and Clothing, Tues - Photography, Wed - Creative Arts and Creative Writing, Thurs - Special Interest, and Fri - Woodworking.

Guidelines for Projects: A few other department-specific things to note:

- Foods: Members will bring an actual food sample, and also bring a photo story (photographs, album, scrapbook, collage, binder, portfolio, display board, any other type of visual display, etc.). Exhibitors will still bring a table setting display, recipe card, and balanced menu per the guidelines.

- Clothing: Exhibitors will wear their outfits themselves.

- Woodworking: Exhibitors will participate in the hands-on skillathon component of judging this year. The state fair will have hands-on skillathon.

- Creative Writing: Entries should be submitted to the OSU Extension office by Monday, July 10th at 4:30pm. At that time, you can sign up for a judging time OR you can call 937-498-7239 (Monday-Friday, 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.) to schedule your judging time. Judging will be held on Creative Arts day, Wednesday, July 19 from 9:30 a.m. to 11 p.m. 

Not Seeing Your Name on the Schedule?: If you don't see your exhibitor's name on the schedules posted, please email me at gaerke.13@osu.edu so I can identify why they are not on the schedule and figure out which time group to assign them to. If you did not do a Fair Entry via shelbycounty.fairentry.com to indicate your intent to participate in pre-fair judging by June 1st, you have not been assigned a timeslot.

Scratches: We hate to see you go! But, if you do decide it is necessary to scratch a project, please submit all scratches by the second Friday in July so that we can make necessary changes to the judging schedules well in advance. Scratch form due by July 14th.

Monday, July 17
Foods - Schedule | Guidelines | Scoresheet | Letter
Clothing - Schedule | Guidelines | Scoresheet | Narration Card | Letter

Tuesday, July 18
Photography - Schedule | Guidelines | Scoresheet | Letter

Wednesday, July 19
Creative Arts - Schedule | Guidelines | Scoresheets | Letter
Creative Writing - Schedule | Scoresheet | Letter

Thursday, July 20
Special Interest - Schedule | Guidelines | Scoresheets | Letter

Friday, July 21
Woodworking - Schedule | GuidelinesScoresheet | Skills Study Sheet | Letter

Other Events:

Sunday, July 23
Style Revue - Program - Coming soon!

Thursday, July 27
Cloverbuds Share Day - Cloverbud Club Suggested Times