In 2024, ALL Shelby County Junior Fair exhibitors (4-H members and FFA members) will complete their junior fair entries online using FairEntry.

FairEntry Link:

Instructional Documents:

BEFORE logging in, PLEASE take the time to read the following:

  • Linked above is a guidebook on how to use the system. The guidebook follows through the process step-by-step and explains about it in great detail. PLEASE READ THIS THOROUGHLY BEFORE ENTERING.
  • On page 7 of the guidebook, you will find a table that outlines the information and documentation livestock exhibitors will want to gather prior to entering their animal records. Information needed is based on the species being entered.
  • You will need your 4-H Online email and password to log in to the system. DO NOT CREATE AN ACCOUNT.
  • Remember to enter:
    • LIVESTOCK SHOWMANSHIP classes - If you wish to participate in showmanship (excludes Alpacas/Llamas, Dogs, and Horses), you are required to enter in FairEntry. You must make an entry into your species' showmanship competition (under the "Livetock Showmanship" department) on FairEntry by June 1st to be enrolled in showmanship at the fair.
    • AUCTION ADD-ON- You must indicate your interest in participating in the Shelby County Junior Fair Livestock Sale by making an entry under the Auction Add-On department on FairEntry
    • ALTERNATE ANIMALS - Alternate family animals refer to animals you are registering as "alternates" if one becomes sick or dies (see pg. 26 of the Junior Fair Book). Please indicate in the Animal Name section for the animal that it is the Alternate Family Animal.
    • CLOVERBUDS – If Cloverbuds plan to participate in Cloverbud Share Day on Thursday of fair, they should enter Class 403 in the FairEntry system.
    • MODELING and DEMONSTRATIONS – Classes 400 - 403
  • Additional species specific instructions for those who usually have spring check-ins:
    • MARKET GOATS AND LAMBS: You will submit your NAIS premise and animal ID numbers via the system--it will prompt you to put them in 
    • FEEDER CALVES: You will be asked to enter your county tag # via the system
    • MEAT PENS OF RABBITS AND POULTRY: If you are bringing two pens, you MUST make two separate entries (same entry twice). If you do not do this, you will only be assigned one cage for two pens of animals.
  • Finally, DO NOT HIT SUBMIT until you have put in all your entries for your family! SUBMIT means you are sending it all in and you will be unable to go back in and add or change anything until we have approved/rejected your entries.