Please find below the minutes from the meeting held September 15th, 2019

  • Members present: Caribeth Noah, Harry and Jan Noah, Annette and Jack Baker, Derren Gates and Cori Sanders


  • Peewee showmanship was a success with a very good turnout. 
  • Need to inform Senior Fair board about continuing to have the peewee showmanship before regular showmanship and have it put into the fair book, on schedule.  
  • Judge did great this year with talking to the kids and asking simple questions. 
  • No placing.
  • For future, have individual sign ups for each kid and parent sign off.
  • Suggestion of showing 3 sheep, weighing in 4, to get sheep numbers up.  How would that affect sale, sell 1 and block 2?
  • Champion pen of 2 sell in auction?
  • We provide skill-a-thon awards for goats, sheep and dairy goats. 
  • Discussion over pen of 2, same night as market show?
  • Discussion over whose decision it is for the goat show being in small arena, can we do in large arena, need more room.


  • Motion to accept the constitution and by laws was made by Caribeth Noah and seconded by Jack Baker.

Nomination of Offices:

  • President nomination of Caribeth Noah by Daren Gates and Seconded by Jack Noah, approved by all.
  • Motion to retain the current people holding Vice President, Secretary and Treasurer made by Harry Noah and seconded by Jan Noah, approved by all.

Future meetings set for:

  • November 17th     4:00pm
  • January 19th         4:00pm
  • March 15th           4:00 pm
  • May 17th           4:00 pm
  • To be held at Extension Office
  • Motion to adjourn meeting: Harry Noah, Seconded by Jan Noah.