Welcome to Farm Profitability! 

By working with the Ohio Farm Benchmarking Program, we will complete a financial analysis of your farming operation.  This analysis will help you understand where your areas of profitability are in the business.  We will give you tools to understand the numbers behind your analysis, and will show you how to use them to further your success.  Finally, you will be able to compare your farm business to similar businesses across Ohio to see how you stack up to the competition.  

FINAN Registration Forms: Fillable PDF  |  PDF  |  Word Doc

  • Financial Analysis (FINAN) analyzes your farm business through the use of balance sheets, income statements and enterprise analysis.

FINLRB Registration Forms: Fillable PDF  |  PDF  |  Word Doc

  • Financial Long Range Budget Planning (FINLRB) helps to evaluate and explore projections to make responsible financial choices regarding future management options of your farm.


Now is the perfect time to start farm business analysis.  For more information, contact a Technician near you:

Defiance County | 419.782.4771  

Mahoning County | 330.533.5538  Christina Benton  benton.132@osu.edu

Miami County | 937.417.2479  David Jenner   jenner.12@osu.edu

Pickaway County | 740.815.2401  Trish Levering  levering.43@osu.edu